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Our Skilled Captains!

Our Rental Boats are all operated by our highly rated and seasoned Captains. Our Captains will keep you safe and let you relax while you enjoy a day out on the Lake.

All of our Captains meet the USCG requirements and are certified with a TPWD Boaters safety course.  However, most have advanced boating licenses, CPR certifications, Search and Rescue First Responders and more.  This makes our Captains the most professional and qualified boat rental Captains in Austin.  Reserve your boat today with the best Captains in Austin. 

Safety is our #1 Priority

Captain Seabass

Capt Seabass

6 Pack Licensed Boat Captain

Capt Seabass has been operating boats and skis his whole life.  He grew up in Florida but now lives in ATX.  He knows the lake better than anyone and will keep you safe on the water.

Lake Austin Boat Captain

Capt Jacob "Ron"

Capt Ron

Jacob is the iconic Boat Rental Captain Austin and has been operating boats his whole life.  He is a favorite among the bachelorettes.  He’ll take care of y’all and keep you safe on the water.

Kyle Neal

Capt Kyle Neal

Party boat G.O.A.T.

Capt. Kyle is the most experienced and safest Captain in our company.  Captain Kyle has a TPWD Party Boat License for operating large party boats. He is the Party Boat G.O.A.T.

Captain Shawn

El Jefe

Capt. Smith is an avid outdoorsman and grew up on the water.  He has over 20 years boating experience.  He has sailed from Corpus to the southern tip of Florida and back. I have been an avid boater all my life and Safety is always #1.


Roudy Randy

Party Boat Captain

Captain Will

Boat Captain

Captain Will has been operating boats on the Highland Lakes for over 20 years. Experience doesn’t get much more than this!


Capt Connor

Boat Captain

Connor has been boating in the Austin area his whole life, and began captaining over 8 years ago! His knowledge of the Austin area lakes will ensure that anyone he is captain of will have some AWESOME, (SAFE), FUN memories to look back on! Ask for captain Connor for a perfect time on the water!

Capt Ana

Boat Captain

Capt Ana

Party Boat Captain

Captain Grant

Boat Captain

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