Nautical Light Show

Nautical Light Show

Includes – Boat cruise to Light Show, Mozart’s Food/Cocoa Package

Fully Captained boat cruise to/from Mozart’s Coffee on the water

Christmas light show presented by Mozart’s Coffee  (Viewed from the boat)

Varying Live Musicians at Mozart’s Coffee on the water (Viewed from the boat)

Food and Cocoa from Mozart’s Coffee (Details below)

Scenic views of beautiful Lake Austin at night

(The light show and  cruise takes place on the boat. You WILL NOT leave or exit the boat once the cruise starts)

Start Time / Length


2021 TBD

Calendar - 2021 TBD


2021 – TBD

Food & Cocoa Packages

  • Mozart’s Light Show
  • Unlimited Hot Cocoa w/Cups 
  • Mozart’s Holiday Cookies
  • Fresh Marshmallows
    *Reservations are non-refundable less than 48 hrs*


Across the street from Mozarts Coffee

Covid-Cautious Light Show

  • Light shows start 2 minutes after each hour from 6pm – 11:40pm. 
  • Light Show lasts about 15 min
  • Live Music will be on from 15 – 40 past the hour each hour with 1-2 short intermissions.
  • Estimated over 1 million lights are used at Mozart’s!
  • Come and enjoy a Covid-Cautious Christmas light show by boat and cruise!

Frequently Asked . Questions


10 Person Max due to Covid - 19 safety protocols. - 2020-2021 Season

Yes all children are counted towards the 10 person max total passengers.

Parking will be at 1501 Scenic View Dr, Austin, Tx.  The pickup location details will be sent in your confirmation email after booking.

Rental Includes: Captain, Fuel, Water Bottles, Mozart's Light Show, Live Music at Mozart's, Mozart's 10 Person Food  and Hot Cocoa Package,  Boat Cruise.

Across the street from Mozart's Coffee

Food and Hot Chocolate FAQ's

You can bring additional food and drinks but the Mozart's Food Package is included in every rental regardless. 

As for drinks, all is welcome except no Glass containers or styrofoam cups/coolers.

Ask the Captain when you arrive to your rental. Depends on Traffic etc.

Currently you only have the option to order additional 10 person food and coco packages.  When on your rental you can order more food from Mozarts.

No Ice but we have a small built in cooler for the water bottles. You can bring your own cooler if you want.

Additional Boat Rental FAQ's

Unfortunately not.  There is one located at Walsh Boat Landing that you can use before and after the rental.  You can use it during the rental too if you ask your captain.

Yes small dogs under 30 lbs are allowed but remember there is a $500 damage fee that will get charged for any damages. The remaining(if any) less any repair expenses will be refunded once repairs are complete.

All of our boats are equipped with after market sound systems in them.  Unfortunately we won't be allowing the use of them when at Mozart's for this tour.

No.  According to the LCRA, Lake Austin is a public right away - of course - but Oyster Landing and within 40 yards (by LCRA covenant) of any dock/structure (fixed and floatable) is NOT and therefore no other companies can offer this tour without a direct approval by Oysters Landing, Mozart's Coffee, etc.

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